One year in.

I have just logged in to my mostly forgotten wordpress account and the following was sitting in the ‘drafts’ section.

This is it.

My big transition.

This week I signed up to Github, registered for access to the Instagram API, tweeted my first tweet and joined reddit.

I was full of ideas…

I can honestly say my enthusiasm hasn’t waned, I just focused it on other areas of my career.

Something that has captured my attention in the last year is how fun it can be to get involved with the community – especially helping others into the scary world of technology. This year I have taken part in both Scala Exchange 2015 and Scala Days 2016 talking about what it is like to learn Scala and what to expect from the experience, hopefully encouraging and relating to others going through the same transition.

Going further with this interest was getting involved with an initiative called, who’s “goal is to enable underrepresented groups to learn programming in a safe and collaborative environment and expand their career opportunities.” I found it incredibly rewarding and interesting to provide help and advice to people with their own projects in mind. It served as an important reminder to me of how cool technology can be as a tool for creativity when you’re inspired.

So after quickly reflecting on the past year, noticing how different it has been from my expectations, I have decided to set some goals for the following year.

  1. Deliver a talk at at least one more conference. Even though there have rarely been other times when I have been as nervous as I am before public speaking, it is one of the most fulfilling things I have done in my career so far.
  2. Help organise a community event (codebar?).
  3. Finish Coursera’s Functional Programming Principles in Scala (finally!).
  4. Start a home project and see it through to the end.

But who knows, things haven’t gone to plan as of yet – they’ve been even better.

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